Seeing that the Cross is the Center of the Universe and the Principle of the Cross

One of the major pieces of furniture in the temple seen by Ezekiel in a vision was the altar, which typifies the cross; the cross is the center of the universe, and the principle of the cross is termination, death. As those who love the Lord and pursue Him, we all know how crucial the […]

Having the Increase of Christ Requires that we have the One Accord, the Master Key

After seeing the increase of Christ as His continuation in the gospel of John, in the book of Acts, and in the ministering life, this week we are enjoying the increase of Christ for the increase and spread of the church through the one accord with prayer, the Spirit, the word, and the homes. We […]

Not Usurping God but Praying and Being According to God’s Heart and for His Economy

The Lord within us all is aspiring to take us on from the tabernacle church life in the wilderness of the soul to the temple church life with Christ as the reality of the good land in our spirit! There’s a hunger and a thirst in us from something higher in the church life that […]

Being Brought into the Realm of God’s Economy for Christ to be Our Everything

In this universe there’s a throne, the throne of God, and God sits on the throne administrating the whole universe. We need to be in spirit as the apostle John was, and we will see the throne set up in heaven (Rev. 4:2). Don’t believe what you see, and don’t think that man can do […]

God’s Move Depends upon Our Moving: the Church must Match Christ in His Move

In Ezekiel 1:19-20 we see that there are four living creatures, each one having a great and high wheel, and wherever the creatures went, the wheels went also. The creatures followed the Spirit, the wheels went with the creatures, and the Spirit was in the wheels – so mysterious, yet so real in our daily […]

Arriving at the Oneness in Practicality by Growing in Life Unto Maturity

How can all the Christians on the earth be one? They should be one since they all believe into the same Lord Jesus, but somehow they “hold to different views”, treasuring specific doctrines, and they are all divided. But the Lord desires to recover the oneness of the Body of Christ in practicality by our […]

Christ needs to become the centrality and universality of our life and work

Christ is the centrality (the center) and the universality (the circumference) in God’s economy. We may understand this, like this, and even say this, but has this become a vision to us that affects our being to the extent that to us, in our experience, Christ is our center and our everything? We need to […]