The Golden Lampstand Signifies the Triune God and the Church as God’s Expression

After seeing the significance and application of the ark of the testimony with its propitiation cover and the table of the bread of the presence, this week we are getting into the deeper significance of the golden lampstand. In our crystallization-study of Exodus we want to see not only the types and meaning of these […]

Seeing a Vision of the Golden Lampstand, a Type of the Triune God and the Church

In the Bible there is a very comprehensive picture which shows us that God is our life, that we are God’s living out, that God lives in us, and that for us to live is God. This picture is the golden lampstand, firstly revealed in Exodus 25, then mentioned in 1 Kings (in the temple), […]

the church today is the reproduction of Christ and the reprint of the Spirit

WOW! Have you ever heard such a statement? There is actually a book by brother Witness Lee called, The Church – The Reprint of The Spirit, and this morning I enjoyed some portions from this book (as quoted in the morning revival on, The Need for a Fresh Vision of the Lord’s Recovery). How can […]