As the I AM, Christ is Everything to us for our Experience and Enjoyment Every Day

The name of the Lord Jesus, who is Jehovah, is the I am; as the I am, Christ is everything to us for our experience and enjoyment, for His being I AM means “I am whatever you need”. When God appeared to Moses and sent him to deliver His people from Egypt, He said, I […]

Having a Revelation of the God who Calls us: the great I AM, the God of Resurrection

Moses was the first complete, qualified, and perfected servant of God in history, and the record in Exodus concerning God’s calling of Moses is longer than the record of His calling of any other person in the Bible. Moses is the standard model of God’s servant, and God’s calling of him is the standard for […]

Christ as the Mystery of God is Everything to the Believers for their Enjoyment

All the genuine and seeking believers in Christ today need to see Paul’s completing ministry, and in our daily life we need to complete the word of God. This means, first of all, that we realize we are vessels to contain God as the content. Christ was the individual expression of God, but now the […]

our dear Lord Jesus Christ is Jehovah God, the great I AM; He is whatever we need!

In the Old Testament, when God called Moses to go and take His people out of Egypt and into the good land, as a reply to Moses’ question, Who should I say to this people when they ask me: Who sent you to us? – God replied in Exodus 3:14: And God said to Moses, I […]