The Stones in the Temple signify Christ and His Transformed Believers as Living Stones

The Lord within us is yearning that He would obtain a solid testimony of the Body of Christ, and for this we need to cooperate with Him to have an enlarged experience of Christ in all His riches so that He may be testified and exhibited through us. The Lord really wants to gain not […]

Enjoying and Experiencing Christ as the Lamb-Stone-Savior with Seven Eyes

In Zech. 3:9 we see that Christ is the stone with seven eyes, engraved by God, for God’s building (the temple of God). The stone which was set before Joshua is not merely a type of Zerubabel (the leader of the Jews then) but a type of Christ, the stone for God’s building. In the […]

In God’s Building, the Mingling of God with Man, Christ is Everything

The entire Bible talks about one thing: God’s building. The Bible is a book of building, and God’s purpose as revealed in all the Scriptures is that He desires to have a building. If we see the vision of God’s building, we will have a correct understanding of the Bible. The age we live in […]

the significance of Christ as the cornerstone for God’s building (Psalm 118)

What does it mean that Christ is the cornerstone in God’s building? In the Psalms we see that Christ is the refuge rock, the blessed Rock, the protecting rock, the higher rock, the unique rock, the strengthening rock, the habitation rock, the unfailing rock, the salvation rock, and the trusting rock! Also, He is nine types of stones: the eternal rock, the foundation stone, the living stone, the cornerstone, the precious stone, the topstone, the cleft rock, the crushing stone, and the stone of stumbling! Specifically, brother Andrew Yu was sharing at least 6 aspects in which Christ being the cornerstone is very significant: [continue reading online the six aspects]

We do not have to be in haste because we have Christ as a tested stone to be our foundation!

Hallelujah, Christ has been set by God as a foundation stone, a tested stone, for the house of God! This morning we were enjoying the verse in Isaiah 28:16 which says, … Indeed I lay a stone in Zion as a foundation, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone as a foundation firmly established; he who […]

Christ is the stone, He is our salvation, and we who come to Him are made living stones!

Isaiah 28:16 says Therefore thus says the Lord Jehovah: Indeed I lay a stone in Zion as a foundation, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone as a foundation firmly established; He who believes will not hasten away. and in 1 Pet 2:6, 7 we read For it is contained in scripture “Behold, I lay in […]