God’s Goal in His Eternal Economy is the Temple of God, His Corporate Building

These past six weeks we have been enjoying visions after visions and revelations after revelations in the book of Daniel, and it is very encouraging and inspiring to see how Daniel and his companions overcame in that dark situation and even prayed to release God’s will on the earth. In the following six weeks we […]

Not Being Proud but Honoring God (in Whose Hand is our Breath) by Enjoying Him

In the book of Daniel we see three crucial matters: God’s heavenly rule (the heavens rule!), the preeminence of Christ, and the destiny apportioned by God for His people (especially Israel). God has an economy, a plan, and in His economy He administrates the universe to fulfill His purpose, which is to make Christ preeminent […]

God Rules For Christ to Have the Preeminence in Us and Be Everything To Us

God’s desire is to give Christ the preeminence in all things – He wants Christ to have the first place in all things (see Col. 1:15, 18). In the old creation, Christ is preeminent – He is the firstborn of all creation. In the new creation, Christ is preeminent – He is the firstborn from […]

the spirit of the Bible is to exalt Christ – He must have the first place in all things!

In our study of the Bible and particularly in our study of the book of Psalms we need to realize that the spirit of the Bible is to exalt Christ. This needs to become real to us – throughout the Bible and particularly in the Psalms, what we see as being “the spirit of the […]

Being on the alert and guarding ourselves from all vain replacements for our genuine and true God!

As we have seen in previous sharings on this blog, Christ is the One pleasing to God, and He replaces everything and everyone in God’s economy. We really are nothing and can do nothing apart from Him – we just come to Him day by day to be replaced with Christ in this organic union… […]

God desires that Christ might have the first place, the preeminence, in all things

In God’s eyes, Christ is the Beloved Son – He treasures Christ, gives everything to Christ, and Christ is His Favourite! Even more, according to Col. 1:15, Christ is the firstborn of all creation – He is the first in the old creation. In Col. 1:18 it says, And He is the Head of the […]