Receiving the Spirit as the Promised Blessing and Enjoying the Cup of Blessing

How we thank and praise the Lord that today we as believers have received the Spirit as the blessing that God promised Abraham for all the nations, and we can drink the cup of blessing! In Abraham’s seed all the nations will be blessed; this means that in Christ as the Spirit, all nations are […]

God is a God of Blessing, and He Himself as the Spirit is the Unique Blessing of God

Our God is the God of blessing, and He is the blessing God. Hidden in Ezekiel 34 there’s something beautiful, a gem: our God is a God of blessing, and He is a blessing God! In Christianity and in the world this matter of blessing is very much misunderstood and misused, and some even use […]

The Lord’s Speaking to the Churches Trims Religion Away and adds the Spirit as the Oil

The Lord Jesus as the High Priest walking among the lampstands takes care of the churches by speaking to them. He trims the charred wicks and He adds the oil. Just as the priests did in the Old Testament, the Lord Jesus makes sure that the churches are shining bright for God’s testimony by speaking […]

Christ in Matthew: the Son of David and the Son of Abraham, the Christ, and the heavenly King!

Our Christ is all-inclusive – we recently got into the book of Hebrews and saw many aspects of the all-inclusive Christ in Hebrews, and now we are in the gospel of Matthew this week, seeing over twenty aspects of the all-inclusive Christ! Christ is the center and circumference of God’s economy, He is the centrality and universality of God’s economy, and He is the One that God finds delight in. It’s all about Christ in the Bible – the spirit of the Bible is to exalt Christ, and Christ is the center of everything. God desires Christ, God gives us only Christ, and from us God desires that we may enjoy, experience, offer, and minister only Christ. The Body of Christ, which is us the church, is actually Christ in His increase. Christ is the reality of every positive things in the universe, and He fills all and in all. So why talk about anything else? Why exalt anything else? Paul told the Corinthian believers that he preaches Christ(1 Cor. 1:23) and this One crucified, and he doesn’t want to know anything among them but Christ(1 Cor. 2:2). Really, Christ is everything. We are wasting our time if we talk about doctrines, teachings, ordinances, traditions, stories, etc – if we don’t talk about Christ as the center of everything. Even our experiences with God should be an experience of Christ – nothing in our spiritual life can be apart from Christ. Christ has become our very life, and He is also our person. So here are three of the many aspects of the all-inclusive Christ in the Gospel of Matthew.