Enjoying and Experiencing Christ as the Lamb-Stone-Savior with Seven Eyes

In Zech. 3:9 we see that Christ is the stone with seven eyes, engraved by God, for God’s building (the temple of God). The stone which was set before Joshua is not merely a type of Zerubabel (the leader of the Jews then) but a type of Christ, the stone for God’s building. In the […]

as the cornerstone, Christ is the Savior and the building factor for God’s building

As we study the matter of Christ being the cornerstone more in depth we realize that everything that Christ has done on earth is so that He would become the cornerstone chosen and precious to God. God became a man, lived a perfect human life, died an all-inclusive death on the cross, resurrected from the […]

Christ as the Stone-Savior is also the cornerstone to join us and build us up together in God’s building

The stone that the builders rejected – Christ – has become the head of the corner(Psa. 118:22): Christ as the stone rejected and despised by the Jewish builders/people has become the cornerstone to join together the Jews and the Gentiles into one Body, the Body of Christ! Actually, the “head of the corner” can also […]