Christ is the Victor toward the enemy and a Drinker to His overcoming believers

In Psalm 110 we see Christ as the King (having the scepter and ruling over the whole earth), the Priest (according to the order of Melchizedek), the Warrior (executing judgement upon the nations), and the Drinker (drinking from the brook by the way). In the last few verses of this psalm we see that Christ […]

in His ascension Christ led us in a train of vanquished foes and made us gifts to the Body of Christ!

There are some window-words in the book of Isaiah through which we can see much more, with the help of the entire Bible, than what Isaiah wrote about these matters. Such words are, as we saw before, SEED, EXTENSION, and, as Isaiah 53:12 reveals, SPOIL. Here is what this verse says, Therefore I will divide to […]