We all need to Take Christ as our Life and Person to Live the Church Life Today

Since the church life is Christ lived out through us in a corporate way, we all need to take Christ as our life and person for the church life, and we need to put ourselves and everything on the cross so that He may live in us. The church life is something that is on […]

God’s Ultimate Move is to have Christ Saturating us and Living in us for the Body

God’s ultimate move today is to carry out His economy concerning Christ and the church, and this is by Christ being in us, filling us, flowing in us, saturating and permeating us, and making us fit to be built up into His Body for His expression. We need to see a vision of the world’s ultimate […]

allowing God’s life to be lived out of us and having an overflow of life

As believers in Christ, we have the life of God in us, and this life wants to be expressed through us and be lived out of us. Hallelujah, we have God’s life in us (Col. 3:4; Rom. 8:10)! We need God to open our eyes, though, to see that our natural man, our very person, […]

praising Christ the King in the sweetness of His virtues and in praising the queen! (the Psalms)

Just when I thought that I have seen a lot in the Psalms in this recent video-training on the Crystallization Study of Psalms(1), we watched last night the seventh message entitled, Praising Christ as the King. There were so many things that enlightened me and touched me, but in particular towards the end of the […]