As the Meal Offering Christ Lived a Crucified Life in Resurrection without any Sin

The meal offering typifies Christ in His God-man living; as the meal offering, Christ’s humanity was fine and perfect, He was mingled with the Holy Spirit, His humanity bore the aroma of resurrection, He lived a crucified life, and He had no sin or any negative thing, neither did He have any natural affection or […]

Today is the day to have a New Man Constituted of All the Local Churches on earth

The application of the new man spoken of in Eph. 2:15 and Col. 3:10-11 is that all the local churches in the different countries are one new man. So our practice of the church life should be with the Body of Christ and the new man as the goal in view. The constitution of the […]

Since the Resurrected Christ lives in us, the Churches are Living, Overcoming Death

In speaking to the church in Smyrna, the Lord said of Himself that He is the First and the Last, who became dead and lived again; as the resurrected Christ, He is living in us and among us, and we as the church are living as He is, full of life and overcoming any death. […]

Paul’s Gospel concerns Christ as the Spirit Living in us and the Body of Christ

The Bible is the complete divinely inspired word of God, His letter written to us with the help of men who were borne of the Holy Spirit, and every book in the Bible is God’s speaking, focusing on God’s economy, His eternal plan. In His sovereignty, God has allowed certain books to be in the […]

Aspects of the Gospel as seen in the Gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Paul

The gospel that Paul preached was the gospel of completion: he was entrusted by God with the commission of completing the word of God, and the gospel he received was not from men but given to him by revelation of Jesus Christ. The center of the gospel of Paul is God Himself in His Trinity […]

Living in Ascension by Living in our Spirit and Discerning our Spirit from our Soul

All believers in Christ are, on the one hand, those who want to know God and experience Him more, and, on the other hand, the lovers of Christ, those who love Him and seek Him in love. As those who love the Lord and seek Him, we are eventually called by our Beloved Lord to […]

Laying our Hands on Christ as our Burnt Offering to be Identified with Him and Live Him

In looking into the matter of consecration we need to see that, no matter how much we love the Lord and pursue Him, we are NOT absolute for God and we are NOT fully consecrated to Him. There is only ONE Person that ever lived a life of being absolute for God and His purpose, […]