God’s Glory is being Worked into the Saints until God is Glorified in the Church!

Both in the gospel of John and in Ephesians we see that God is glorified in the church, and for eternity the New Jerusalem has the glory of God, His expression. In the gospel of John we see the Lord Jesus coming as God incarnated, and those around Him saw the glory of God in […]

Eating the Lord and having a Proper Spiritual Digestion by saying Amen to His Word

As believers in Christ, we need to eat the Lord Jesus in His word by prayerfully considering and reconsidering it day by day, and we need to have a proper spiritual digestion, allowing the Lord to have the thoroughfare in every part of our inner being. The word of God is not only full of […]

Christ Builds the Church as the Temple of God by Building Himself into us daily

The Lord today wants to advance: He wants to gain the reality of the Body of Christ in the local churches so that He may have not only a “tabernacle church life” but a “temple church life”, a more solid, permanent, and even eternal expression of Himself in the church to the whole universe. We […]

The Father’s House: the First Issue of Christ’s Glorification in His Resurrection

The most mysterious issue of Christ’s resurrection was the divine-human incorporation of the processed and consummated Triune God with His redeemed and regenerated believers. What really happened at the time of the Lord’s resurrection is that He was glorified by the Father, that is, the divine life within Him was released and imparted into millions […]

Building up the Church through the Inner Experience of the Indwelling Christ

How can we build up the church? As believers in Christ and members of the Body of Christ it is our deepest yearning to contribute to building up the church as the Body of Christ so that our Lord Jesus would return soon for His Bride. But how do we build up the church? The […]

Christ Makes His Home in our Heart until We are Filled unto All the Fullness of God

When someone believes into the Lord Jesus, Christ comes into his spirit to regenerate him with the divine life. This is the beginning of the Christian life. God is Spirit, and when we open to Him we receive Him as Spirit into our spirit. But God wants to spread into all the parts of our […]

Allowing the Indwelling Christ to Make His Home in Our Heart and Feel at Home in us

The highest point and the most profound aspect of Christ dwelling in us is found in Eph. 3:16 – Christ making His home in our heart. Why does God want to dwell in man? The desire of God’s heart is to have a house, a habitation, a dwelling place, and for this He comes to […]