Cooperating with the Inner Operating and Motivating God by Outwardly Serving Him

What is the service that is from God? What is the service that we can offer to God and is according to God’s desire, has God as its source, and is pleasing to God? The service that is from God takes God (and not ourselves) as the source, and it is by the Spirit of […]

Our Work must be to Minister God into others for Him to Build Himself into them

The Lord Jesus said, I will build My church (Matt. 16:18). How does the Lord build His church? First of all, the church is not that physical tall building with a cross on top of it; the church is the Body of Christ composed of all the believers in Christ, those redeemed by Christ, regenerated […]

Praying to Experience the Indwelling Christ for the Building up of the Church

Paul’s prayer in Eph. 3:16-21 is concerning the believers’ inner experience of the indwelling Christ for the building up of the church as the Body of Christ. How can the believers build up the church? It is by experiencing the indwelling Christ making His home day by day into their heart as they are being […]

Allowing Christ to Make His Home in our Heart for the Building up of the Church

The church as the Body of Christ is the building of God, the only thing He is after today. The church is the mingling of God and man and the building of God into man and of man into God for man and God to be one to the uttermost so that God is expressed […]

If Christ Remains Imprisoned Within us, We Cannot have the Proper Church Life

In order for us to have the proper church life as the corporate expression of Christ we need to have certain crucial experiences, the first of which is having our soul subdued and saturated with Christ. If we still live in and according to our soul, deciding things by ourselves as we always do, having […]

We need to Experience the Breaking of the Outer Man for the Release of God’s Life

Every believer in Christ needs to experience the breaking of the outer man for the release of the life of God in his spirit (Heb. 4:12). When we received the Lord Jesus into us, He as the Spirit came into our human spirit and now dwells in us; the Lord is with our spirit (2 […]

the mystery of the Body of Christ as the organism of the Triune God – revealed in Ephesians!

Paul’s Epistle to the Ephesians is SO RICH! When you read it “with God’s economy glasses on” you will see vision after vision, revelation after revelation! We already have seen that God’s economy is fully accomplished by the exercise of our mingled spirit(as revealed in Ephesians), and we have also seen the dispensing of the […]