The Church will Match Christ as Bone of His Bones for their Eternal Married Life

Only those who are regenerated by Christ and who live by Christ as the church can match Christ and complement Him; when Christ sees this, He will surely say that this time this is bone of His bones and flesh of His flesh. Adam and Eve are a rich type of Christ and the church; […]

Christ’s Death and Resurrection Produced and Built up the Church as His Counterpart

Through Christ’s death and resurrection, God produced and built the church as the counterpart of Christ. Adam and Eve are a picture, a type, of Christ and the church; when Adam was created, he was a type of Christ, and his need for a wife shows the need Christ has for the church. In God’s […]

Only what Comes out of Christ can be the Church to Match Christ as His Counterpart

Only what comes out of Christ can return to Christ to match Christ as His counterpart, just as only what came out of Adam and was built by God to become a woman could return to him to be his wife. It is important for us to see what did God do to gain His […]

Christ was like a lone sparrow on a housetop, spending much time with the Father

As a lone sparrow, Christ spend much time in prayer and watching with the Father, caring for God’s interest and God’s house. What do you think He prayed about? Do you think the Lord Jesus prayed about Him still being single, about His business, about His welfare, or about Him being physically unattractive? No, the Lord didn’t care about Himself but He cared for God’s interest, the desire of God’s heart. In His loneliness – in the sense that He couldn’t open the depths of His being to any human being – Christ spent much time with God and took God as His companion! [read more online]

I will declare Your name to My brothers; in the midst of the church I will sing hymns of praise to You

Praise the Lord for His church-producing resurrection! After passing through His redeeming death(Psa. 22:1-22), Christ entered into His church-producing resurrection(Psa. 22:22-31). The aspects emphasized in Psalms 22 are the church and the many brothers being produced in Christ’s resurrection. When the Lord Jesus was on the earth, He called His followers His disciples, and at […]