5 Main Points Concerning Christ in Daniel: God is Working Christ Into Us Daily!

Christ is the centrality and universality of God’s move on earth, and He is revealed as such a One in the book of Daniel in five main aspects. First, we can see the death of Christ – all-inclusive, all-terminating, and also all-germinating. Second, we see the upcoming appearing of Christ, His second return as a […]

Christ will return to smash the human government and bring in God’s kingdom

When the Body of Christ is built up sufficiently, the Bride of Christ is prepared for the Lord’s return, and He will come to rapture His overcoming ones. After the overcomers are raptured, there will be the 1000 years wedding feast with the Bridegroom and the Bride. After the wedding feast, the Bridegroom and the […]

the victorious Christ will return to recover the earth when He gains Zion, those fully open to Him!

Before the Lord Jesus can come as the King, He needs to have in all the local churches the reality of Zion – He needs to have His overcomers as His bride ready! In Psalm 51 we see how the goal of our repentance and confession marrying God’s forgiveness is that it amazingly produces a burden for the building up of Zion. The Lord needs to gain Zion, the aspect of the church that is fully open to Him, the overcomers who will hasten His return!