the secret to be content in all things: abiding in Christ (students training, South Africa)

The experience of Christ is in our spirit but the enjoyment of Christ is in our soul. We need to experience Christ in such a full and complete way so that our experience seeps through to our soul to be our enjoyment, joy and delight. How do we do this? In Phil 4:12 Paul says he has learnt the secret to be both abased and to abound and in the previous verse to be content in all circumstances. The secret is simply to be in Christ, to abide in Him. To be content in everything means the good things and the bad things. To be content in all things means to be content in all the ordinary things too! Our Christ does not change, our contentment therefore cannot change. [read more online]

Enjoying Christ as our Provision, as seen in the book of Exodus (SA students camp summer 2011)

… once we are in the wilderness what should we do? We should not start complaining but rather tell the Lord: “Lord, You are the One that led me here. Lord, I am thirsty. Give me a drink!” Some of us have been in the church life for quite a while and our experience of the Lord is just not rich anymore and we do not understand. We have been eating all these years but not drinking enough! We need to drink! [continue reading this sweet sharing from a student in South Africa from his top enjoyment in a recent student camp]

being a Christian Student on the campus – eating and drinking Christ, and staying in the Body!

As a Christian living in this current age, sometimes we might experience a failure of our spiritual life. Sometimes we might trip and fall a bit. Just remember the power of the blood of Jesus Christ. Just remember that even the apostle Paul said “Not that I have already obtained or am already perfected” and then the next phrase says, “But I pursue.” Yes! We can pursue! We have the right to pursue our precious Lord! Pursue Him with the saints! Let us forget the things behind, stretch forward to the things before, and pursue toward the goal together to the New Jerusalem. [continue reading this article online]

being a Christian student on the Campus – so sweet to start uni with the saints in the church life!

This semester has been so enjoyable. This has been my first semester at uni and at the same time in the church life – and the difference is so big! I know that I have a solid support network and the more I focus on the Lord, the less I worry and the more I enjoy my lessons. The best part is the saints. They support me in every way, they help me with my work, they cheer me up when I’m down, they entertain me when I’m bored… [read more online]

being a Christian student on campus – seeing the church life and finding my home here!

Sometimes it is difficult living with ten other flatmates who mostly want to go out and party. So often I am asked or even begged to join them – yet the life within will not let me. There is a sense of death within even when I considered doing so. But when I obey that life within, there is such a peace and joy within. I thought it would be so hard to continue to say no. But the more I enjoy the Lord and the more I spend time in His presence, it becomes SO easy (and quicker) to flee these things (2 Tim. 2:22). [read more online]

Being a Christian Student on the Campus – no matter what, we’re for Christ and the church!

In our Christian life, it seems like there is always something that demands our attention. In this case, I think a big danger is that if we don’t settle in our being that we MUST love the Lord first, best, and only, and that we MUST be for Christ and the church, then the attitude of being for the Lord when it is convenient may creep in [continue reading]

being a Christian Student on the Campus – the fellowship with other students is encouraging

The thing that has really kept me going through the whole semester has been living in the brothers’ house next to the campus. Whenever things are tough or I just need to pray or read something I can touch the Lord with one of the brothers [continue reading online]