Being a Christian Student on the campus – no matter how busy you are, never leave the church life!

It is both crucial and watering to attend the home meetings, the prayer meetings, and the Lord’s table meetings as much as you can; it would be excellent to make it to as many conferences as possible too. However, as students, our priorities right now are to take care of our studies, and we shouldn’t just aim for “average” – we should definitely aim for the highest, best education

Being a Christian Student on the campus – Practically applying the Life-Giving Spirit to Our Lives

When I sit down to write a paper or to study for an exam, the temptation to procrastinate can be relentlessly strong. Sometimes, I sit down in the library and an hour or so later I find that I’ve read twenty news articles and completed absolutely no work. This is what Ephesians 5:16 means by redeeming the time, for the days are evil. It is good to open our beings to the Lord in every decision, no matter how petty they seem…

being a Christian student on the campus: seeing our studying in the light of God’s economy

Recently I have been pondering on the matter of a healthy balance of studying whilst maintaining my enjoyment and love for the Lord. I am still in the process of learning and experiencing living this healthy life but here are some insights into this daily life. We as Christian students on the campus need to see our studying in the light of God’s Economy. Now you may ask, what do you mean by this statement? [read more online]

being a Christian student on the campus: enjoying the Lord and testifying Him!

What does it mean to be a Christian Student on the campus – how do you Love the Lord and at the same time Take Care of Your Studies? – here’s the answer two Christian Students on the campus (one in London and the other in the USA) would give from their own experience.

testimony from my first university semester – living a normal Christian church life on the campus

Praise the Lord for the church life! Praise the Lord for growing up in the church life, in a Christian family! Here, we are so cared for, protected, and shepherded in what the Lord is doing today – the practical church life. Whether “we like it or not”, we will go to the meetings with […]