In His Ascension Christ Propagates Himself through His Believers to Produce the Churches

Two thousand years or so ago there was a man who lived on earth, and this man’s life and work changed the course of human history. He did not “deliver the whole nation from the enemy” neither did He “fight wars and was victorious in battles with many heroic acts”. Rather, He was a God-man […]

In His Ascension Christ was Enthroned to Execute God’s Administration and Carry out His Economy

What Christ has accomplished and attained to in His ascension is colossal and monumental, and as believers in Christ we do well to dive deeper into the truth in the word of God concerning this matter. We need to see the heavenly scene and the heavenly Christ. After the Lord Jesus died and resurrected, He […]

Christ’s Ascension was His Inauguration into His Heavenly Offices for His Heavenly Ministry

We need to have a great and colossal vision concerning the ascended Christ, the Christ in the heavens. We need to see the Christ who has ascended to the heavens and who was inaugurated, exalted, and enthrone to be the One commissioned to execute God’s universal administration and carry out God’s new testament economy through His […]

Christ’s accomplishments in His all-transcending ascension (cords of a man)

All the processes the Lord Jesus as the first God-man passed through are the cords of a man that God used to draw us in His bands of love. He became a man, lived a perfect human life, died an all-terminating death on the cross, and entered into an all-conquering resurrection. Today we were appreciating […]

in His ascension Christ led us as captives to the Father and received us as gifts to the Body!

We are gifts produced by Christ’s descending and ascending – He defeated us and took us with Him as vanquished foes, He presented us to the Father, and the Father gave us as gifts for the building up of His dwelling place. But God did not “stop travelling” – He is still travelling within us! Christ is bringing God into us and bringing us into God – by descending and ascending in us and making us gifts to the Body of Christ!

in His ascension Christ led us in a train of vanquished foes and made us gifts to the Body of Christ!

There are some window-words in the book of Isaiah through which we can see much more, with the help of the entire Bible, than what Isaiah wrote about these matters. Such words are, as we saw before, SEED, EXTENSION, and, as Isaiah 53:12 reveals, SPOIL. Here is what this verse says, Therefore I will divide to […]

God set forth Christ as a propitiation place, here we meet with God in peace

This week we’re enjoying Christ as the propitiation place – one of the many truths in the Bible that has not been yet fully discovered & enjoyed by the Lord’s people. In Romans 3:24-25 it says: Being justified freely by His grace through the redemption which is in Christ Jesus, whom God set forth as […]