God’s Image and Dominion are Fulfilled in Christ and are the Issue of the Gospel

Genesis is a book of seeds, and throughout this book there are many seeds that are sown and later developed in the rest of the Bible, consummating in the book of Revelation where we see the harvest. The matters of image and dominion, the heart of Genesis, are sown as seeds in Genesis and then […]

God’s accomplishments on the bridge of time from creation to the building

John chapter 1 is an amazing chapter, speaking of at least five major things that God accomplished as He stepped out of eternity and onto the bridge of time. First of all, in the beginning, when there was no time, there was the Word with God and as God. You can’t explain how He was, […]

seeing the divine history from Christ’s crucifixion to the New Jerusalem

Isn’t it so mysterious to be talking about, the divine history within the human history? And yet we, as believers in Christ, are those who daily endeavor to be here, live here, and have our whole being with all our activities and things in the developing divine history hidden within the human history. This history […]

Christ’s incarnation was the beginning of the history of God in man

We are so privileged to live in the New Testament age, the age of grace, where God’s history is IN man, in union with man. In the Old Testament God’s history with man was mainly outwardly, WITH man. You can even say that God’s history with man in the Old Testament was indirect, and was […]

God uses “the locusts” to carry out His purpose and fulfill His interest!

Did you see the divine history within the human history? The truth is that the four kinds of locusts mentioned in Joel 1 and which are now operating in the world are way too obvious and outward and all over the place, and this may cause many saints and lovers of Christ to be wearied […]

being drawn with cords of a man and bands of love to be in the divine romance

There is a very precious portion of a verse 4 in Hosea 11 which says, “I drew them with cords of a man, with bands of love”. Even though we are evil, unchaste, unfaithful, and in apostasy, God drew us with cords of man and with bands of love. He loves us with His divine […]