Living in the Inward Parts of Christ and Realising our Equal Status in the New Man

In the church as the one new man all believers have an equal status, for they all are filled and saturated with Christ, and they love one another in faith by living in the inward parts of Christ. In Colossians we see both the definition and the practical application of the one new man with […]

Christ is housing Himself in our heart and we become one with Christ in His inward parts

“God the Father is exercising His authority through God the Spirit to strengthen us into the inner man that God the Son may make His home deep down in our hearts” (quote from God’s New Testament Economy) – this is what happens in Eph. 3:16. Some believers may say only that Christ is in the […]

learning to take the inward parts of Christ Jesus as our own inward parts in caring for the church

What does the expression “the inward parts of Christ Jesus” mean? This morning we were praying over Phil. 1:8 and Col. 3:12 and I was encouraged to open to the Lord and allow Him to infuse me with His feelings, His desires, His emotions, His mind, His will – even to replace my inward parts […]