Actively Waiting for the Lord’s Coming as the Prophetic Word is Made More Firm

As we study the vision of the seventy weeks in Daniel 9 in relation to God’s economy, we will experience the shining of the prophetic word as a lamp conveying spiritual light in darkness (2 Pet. 1:19). Under the shining of the prophetic word, we can receive the Lord’s warning and have the proper attitude […]

The Controlling Vision in Daniel: the Vision of the Great Image in Daniel 2

This week in our morning revival we come to the topic of, The Vision of the Great Image—the Controlling Vision in the Book of Daniel. In the book of Daniel we see many visions, but the governing vision that interprets all the other visions is the vision of the great image in Daniel 2. This […]

Lord, make me one who loves Your appearing! Come Lord Jesus! (sharing from the 2011 Poland camp)

The Poland Conference was awesome! The brothers that shared the messages were really frank and direct – they didn’t sugar coat anything. There were a few points that I really enjoyed in this conference(the  topic was, “The Crucial Aspects of God’s Economy in Exodus“). 1 ) The special fellowship time was so good! We talked about the great image […]

the riots in the UK are not an accident – Satan hates the Training, where the dispensational instrument is produced!

In the recent Poland camp we saw that throughout history, whenever the Lord wanted to establish the training, something major would happen – either a war, a revolution, or a major rebellion in the Lord’s recovery. Whenever the Lord establishes the training to perfect and produce His young overcoming saints, the enemy retaliates and attacks […]