Come to the Lord in the Morning to make God Happy and Experience Mutual Happiness!

Why do we need to be revived every morning? We need to see that God has a desire in His heart, which is according to His good pleasure. No one loves being sad. Everybody desires happiness. God Himself has the greatest need for happiness. The question we should ask ourselves is: What makes God happy? […]

Turning our Heart to the Lord and Coming to the Word with the Lord to Receive Light

My experience of morning revival has been helped the most with this simple prayer, “Lord Jesus I turn my heart to You right now.” I have a real need to start my time with the Lord each morning with this prayer. This prayer simplifies my coming to Him and opens me to receive what He […]

Called by God at the Back Side of the Wilderness, from Within, with No Human Opinion

As we look at the life of Moses as a pattern to being called by God we realize that the record of God’s calling of Moses is longer than the record of His calling of any other person in the Bible. Actually, Moses was the first complete, qualified, and perfected servant of God in history, and as […]

Coming to Christ with Our Burdens and Learning from This Meek and Lowly One

This week we have been enjoying the Lord’s speaking concerning keeping the principle of the Sabbath, which doesn’t mean that you don’t work for God but rather you first enjoy God, are filled with God, and are one with God, and then you work together with God. How can we bear this sign of the […]

a trainee’s testimony – loving the Lord and building up a romantic relationship with Him

I’m in love with Him, I always loved Him. Yet coming to the training made me doubt my love towards Him. Was my love temporary? Or was it an impulsive decision? Many times, I told myself, this was the greatest mistake that I made in my whole life – to be in the full time training…. A Christian life is a life of believing in the things unseen. We have never seen the Lord – yet we love Him (1 Pet 1:8). In every circumstance, I learned to go to the Lord, confess, repent, weep, and see that I am nothing but Christ is everything. It’s heart-aching, to come to Him and say, Lord, take it away if it’s something that replaces You. I want Thy increase and my decrease. [continue reading online]

when we move out of ourselves and into the Triune God, we are one and even perfected into one!

Saints, the Lord Jesus knows our problem. He knows that we need to abide in Him so that He may abide in us and bear fruit in us (John 15:1-15). What does it mean, in this context, to abide in the Lord? It means that we need to move out of ourselves and into the Triune God as the universal vine and remain there!

Lord, restore to me the gladness of Your salvation, and sustain me with a willing spirit!

there is a connection here between the gladness of salvation and the willingness of spirit – when we are happy in the Lord and with the Lord, we also have a willing spirit! A willing spirit depends upon the joy of salvation – when we have the joy restored to us, we are happy and willing to go along with the Lord and do what He desires. We obey the Lord because we love Him and we are filled with the joy of our salvation!