Being Consecrated Ones Expressing Christ for God’s Move to Carry out His Economy

The vision in Ezekiel 1, the deepest chapter in the Bible, is very broad and all-inclusive; it includes the wind, the cloud, the fire, and the electrum, and related to these are the four living creatures – who had high and awesome wheels by their faces, speaking of the Lord’s move. There’s no separate vision […]

Being Safeguarded in our Humanity through Loving the Lord and His Appearing

As believers in Christ, we are human beings loving the Lord, having His life in our spirit, and living a life to the Lord and no longer to ourselves. However, we are still human beings, and we have a certain humanity – which in some cases may not be that high and uplifted. As we love […]

Paying the Price to Obtain the Life Supply from the Lord and Give Others Food

Because Joseph suffered and denied himself, he gained the riches of the life-supply; in the seven years of rich crops, he gathered the grain in many barns, and in the years of famine, everyone came to him to buy food. Christ as the real Joseph has all the food, and there’s a famine on the […]

God’s Appearing Issues in our Consecration: our Life is for God and God is our Life

Abraham was a man just like us, not necessarily seeking God or being for God, until God appeared to him. When God appeared to Abraham, something changed in him: he left his homeland and his family, and he followed God’s instructions to go into the land of Canaan living a life of the altar and […]

Praying to Initiate God’s Move by Having the Upper Room Consecration Today

In the church life the leading ones, the more mature ones, need to take the lead to pray, and we all as the “all men” in 1 Tim. 2:8 need to pray in every place, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and reasoning. The sufficient and necessary condition to be met for God’s desire to […]

the basis, motive, meaning, purpose, and result of our consecration to God

We can cooperate with Christ in His heavenly ministry today – in the day of His warfare – by having an absolute and thorough consecration to the Lord. Actually, “the fullness of one’s experience of life depends on the fullness of one’s experience of consecration” (W. Lee, Experience of Life). What is consecration? What is […]

the recovery of living a life of the altar and the tent in the church life today

When God appears to us, when we see Him face to face, something of God is being transfused into us – His element is now transfused into our being. Once this transfusion takes place, there’s something going on in us – the element of God is being infused into every part of our being! Before God appeared to us, we did not have faith or we did not even think of God and His purpose; but when He appeared to us, we have His element transfused into us and infused into every part of our inner being… Slowly, this element saturates us so that we cannot help it but believe! This is faith: the element of God transfused into use, infused into us, and saturating us! [read more online]