Experiencing the Dividing of our Soul from our Spirit to Seek the Things Above

In order for us as believers in Christ to seek the things which are above and set our mind on them (Col. 3:1-2), we need to experience the dividing of our soul from our spirit (Heb. 4:12) and we need to turn to our spirit. All the things related to God and His economy are […]

God becomes our Life by Entering into us Organically to be Assimilated into our Being

In His economy God desires to dispense Himself into our being so that He would become the very fiber and cell of our inner being; for this to happen, we need to eat, digest, and assimilate Christ to be constituted with Him in order to express Him and represent Him. Eating is a very important […]

Judging Ourselves as Nothing: we are what we are by the Grace of God for God’s Building

In our review and enjoyment of the intrinsic significance of the materials of the temple we have seen that both in the tabernacle and in the temple gold overlays wood, that is, God is mingled with man. The building of God, God’s temple, is a matter of God being mingled with man; God’s building is […]

Being Mingled with God and Sinking Deeply into God to Build up the Church in Oneness

It is so enlightening to see the intrinsic significance of the materials of the temple and to realize that God desires a building – the church as the temple of God, and for this we need to have certain experiences of Christ in the Body and for the Body, so that God would gain what […]

We All need to Learn to Feed on Christ: By Eating Jesus we Become His Testimony!

The table of the bread of the presence (also called the showbread table) in the Holy Place in the tabernacle is a very sweet and satisfying place to be, because there’s always food there – permanently! In this item of the furnishings of the tabernacle we see how God in Christ wants to be enjoyed […]

To Shepherd according to God is to Minister the Processed God Constituted into us

To shepherd according to God (1 Pet. 5:2) requires that we become one with God, we are constituted with God, we live God, we represent God, and we minister God. We can shepherd according to God only by becoming the same as He is in life, nature, expression, and function. First, we need to be […]

We Become God’s Expression by Eating, Digesting, and Assimilating God to Live God

The high peak of the divine revelation in the Bible is that God became man to make man God in life, nature, expression, and function, so that God would obtain a corporate expression in the universe in man. Through regeneration we receive the divine life with the divine nature, and daily we are growing in […]