God’s Move follows our Move, we Follow the Spirit, and the Spirit is in God’s move

In cooperating with God to carry out His move we need to realize that we believers in Christ are living creatures, and the move of God’s work depends upon our moving; God’s move follows our move, we follow the Spirit, and the Spirit is in the wheels – God’s move. This is signified by the […]

God’s Move in His Economy is to Deify Man to Bring in the New Man for God’s Expression

What a wonderful thing it is to see that God’s move in His economy is to deify man and bring forth the one new man for God’s expression and administration on the earth! Hallelujah! The following five weeks we are enjoying the Lord’s speaking on the matter of the world situation and the Lord’s move, […]

The Lord’s move is in our Move, and His Move has the Same Appearance in Every Church

The high and awesome wheels in Ezek. 1:15 show us that God needs a move on earth today; the Lord’s move is in our move, and this move bears the appearance of the Lord, being the same in every locality on earth. We can cooperate with the Lord for His move through prayer, so that […]

We need to Cooperate with the Lord through Prayer to Carry out His Move on Earth

The highest cooperation we can render the Lord for His move today is through prayer; we need to cooperate with the Lord through prayer to carry out His move, acting together with the acting God for the accomplishment of His economy (as seen in Acts). First of all, for us to participate in the Lord’s […]

God’s Move is in man to Deify man and Gain the One New Man for His Expression

By the side of every living creature there is a high and awesome wheel, which show us the extraordinary move of the Lord for the fulfillment of His economy; God’s move today is in man to deify man to bring forth the new man so that God may obtain a corporate expression and have His […]

when God’s people move, God moves; if God’s people do not move, God has no way to move(2011 Poland camp)

To start things off, the Poland young people conference is not the only young person conference I have ever been to. I was raised up as a “church-kid”, born and raised under parents who met when they joined the church life. So, I already had a taste of the youthful ecstasy that the Poland conference […]

Ask Me about the things to come concerning My sons, and concerning the work of My hands, command Me

This title is a quote from Isaiah 45:11 where it says, Thus says Jehovah, The Holy One of Israel and the One who formed him. Ask Me about the things to come concerning My sons, and concerning the work of My hands, command Me. Every one who knows God knows that you cannot be haughty […]