The cry of the Israelites was desperate, the eagerness of God was great, but the growth of Moses was slow(2011 Poland camp)

Though I must admit there were many things that touched me deeply during the conference time in Poland, it was these words that took root in my mind and caused the Lord to finally win in wrenching open my stubborn heart. They are simple enough, right? The cry of the Israelites was desperate and the […]

What is God’s will for us? How can we be one with His will for us?(conference in Paris May 2011)

Praise the Lord, I was encouraged in the recent conference we had in Paris that our God has His own will! Sometimes we are following our natural concept and thinking and ask ourselves, What’s the will of God for me? What is God’s will for my life? What does God want me to do? The answer […]

we are eternally saved, yet we also need to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling

Many Christians think that once we’re saved – once we’re born again – the best thing we can do now is to live a life according to the Bible, be good people, help others get saved, and wait to go into heaven. But the Bible clearly says that YES, we are saved once we believe […]

the function of the fellowship of life and four simple ways to cooperate with this fellowship

What is the function of the fellowship of life? We have seen that the fellowship of life is based on the divine life and it is simply the Triune God flowing in us and among us. As the divine life flows in us, it is not meaningless – it has a function! The function of […]