Christ with the Church Life is the Meal Offering for our Supply and God’s Satisfaction

As we partake of Christ as the meal offering, we become the reproduction of Christ, the church as a corporate meal offering, and what we eat is not just Christ but Christ with the church life as a meal offering. The goal of eating Christ at the meal offering is not merely us being nourished […]

The Church Life is a Corporate Meal Offering for God’s Satisfaction and Man’s Supply

Christ is the meal offering, and as we eat Him, we become His reproduction and have His God-man living to be the meal offering, and the church life as the corporate living by the perfected God-men becomes the corporate meal offering. Our need today is to eat Christ as the meal offering by exercising our […]

the meal offering church life with no leaven and no honey is for God’s satisfaction

With the Lord Jesus there was no leaven (no sinful or negative thing) and no honey (no natural affection, attachment, or preference). Rather, He lived a life of the highest and finest humanity (fine flour) oiled with the Holy Spirit (mingled with oil), having the fragrance of resurrection (frankincense), and living under the cross every day (being salted). This One is our daily food and our supply, our sustenance, and by eating of Him we become His corporate reproduction! We also live a life of the highest humanity mingled with the Spirit, with the fragrance of resurrection, and being daily under the cross. Also, as we eat this One, we will reject any sinful thing or any good aspect of our natural man. [read more online]

becoming the reproduction of Christ as the meal offering church life today

We are slowly and surely becoming the reproduction of Jesus Christ as the corporate meal offering church life! The genuine church today is nothing else but the corporate living of the believers in Christ who are the reproduction and duplication of Christ – it is Jesus living again in His believers. We are imitating Christ in His life by eating Christ and becoming Christ’s reproduction organically. We all are learning to deny ourselves, remaining in Christ’s death, living under the cross, by the power of Christ’s resurrection. When an unbeliever comes in and sees this, he senses that God is among us! Wow, the corporate God-man living, the reproduction of Christ as the meal-offering church life! [continue reading online]