Arriving at the High Peak of the Divine Revelation and Living a God-man life

As we are going through the Minor Prophets and looking at the crystals in these books, we have a deep realization of God’s desire to bring in a new revival. On our side, we pray that God would revive us and restore us (Mal. 3:2), and on His side, He promises that in the last […]

Experiencing the Outpouring of the Spirit and Being Stirred in our Spirit

In relation to the revival and restoration aspired for by all believers and unbelievers alike, there are many aspects and prayers all throughout the Minor Prophets. One of the most famous yet misinterpreted one is Joel 2:28-29, where God promises to pour out His Spirit upon all His people and revive them. Every day we […]

Having a Living Touch with the Lord to be Revived and Live the Revival

Every living thing in the universe desires to be revived and restored, and the entire creation groans and travails in pain together until now, eagerly awaiting to be freed from the slavery of corruption (see Rom. 8:20-22). Since Adam fell and brought the entire old creation into the fall, there has been in all of […]

Let Us Return to the Lord: He will Enliven us, Bind us up, and Restore us!

The aspiration for revival and restoration can be seen everywhere in the Bible, and especially in the Minor Prophets. On the one hand, Habakkuk prayed for revival (Hab. 3:2); on the other hand, Hosea speaks of, Let us return to Jehovah… on the third day He will raise us up and we will live in […]

Revival: Every Believer has a Deep Desire and Aspiration to be Revived!

All throughout the Bible and in our experience also we see that the people of God have a deep desire to be revived, to have a revival. Ever since the fall of man, since Adam’s fall which brought in corruption, slavery, and death, there has been an aspiration in the whole creation for revival (see […]

The Healing Christ is the Messenger of God and the Angel of the Covenant

In the book of Malachi we see that Christ is the Healing One, and as such a One He is the Messenger of God, the living message from God, the Angel of the covenant, the Desire of the nations, and the Sun of righteousness. The healing Christ is the messenger of God and also the […]

the reasons, the symptoms, and the cure for obsession and self-deceit

As you read the first two chapters of Malachi you will see that God wants to draw His people back to Himself and He kind of “contends with them”, exposing them of their self-deceit and their obsession. We need to see that even we as Christians may be obsessed in a way or another, and […]