Being those who Live in the Reality of the Body of Christ in the Church Life today

God today is doing one thing: He’s building up the church as the Body of Christ so that the bride of Christ may be prepared for Christ to return and end this age; if we see this, we will be those who strive to live in the reality of the Body of Christ today. It […]

The Pillars for the Screen and the Veil are those one with Christ to bring People into God

The picture of the tabernacle in the Old Testament shows us that our God is enterable; He wants His people not merely to outwardly serve Him but enter into Him through the screen (the first veil, signifying Christ who died for us to bring us to God) and the veil (the second veil, signifying the […]

We need to See that we are God-men, Born of God, Possessing God’s Life and Nature

We praise the Lord for the gospel, which is the power of God unto salvation for all those who believe. The gospel is not merely the story of Jesus who came to save us from our sins; the gospel the New Testament preaches is high, deep, and powerful, and it has a highest point. The […]

The Real Condition and End of the Catholic Church, Protestant Church, and Recovered Church

In our study of how it all ends with regards to the church – the eschatology of the church – we see the Catholic Church, the Protestant church, and the original and recovered church. First, from the very beginning, there was only ONE church: the original church, but because of the heresies, false teachings, and […]

The Experience of the Cross Tests us, Exposes us, and Allows God to Heal our Being

After healing the bitter waters at Marah by showing Moses a tree which he cast into the waters, the Lord made a statute for the people of Israel and He revealed that He is their Healer. The people of Israel didn’t just encounter bitter waters but they were bitter in their being, and God was […]

The God of Abraham is the God of Faithfulness, the God of Silence, Our Shield and Reward

Is the God of Abraham YOUR God? Do you experience God in all the aspects that Abraham did? The reason God calls Himself, the God of Abraham, is because He was enjoyed and experienced by Abraham in many ways and for many years, and therefore He could work Himself into Abraham to become subjective to […]

Living in Intimate Fellowship with God Today to be the Friend of God as Abraham was

After passing through a long process, Abraham was prepared and qualified to be the friend of God, one who lives in intimate fellowship with God and one to whom God opens what is on His heart for him to intercede (see Gen. 18). God has something in heart to do and He needs a friend […]