Being a Christian Student on the campus – Practically applying the Life-Giving Spirit to Our Lives

When I sit down to write a paper or to study for an exam, the temptation to procrastinate can be relentlessly strong. Sometimes, I sit down in the library and an hour or so later I find that I’ve read twenty news articles and completed absolutely no work. This is what Ephesians 5:16 means by redeeming the time, for the days are evil. It is good to open our beings to the Lord in every decision, no matter how petty they seem…

we need to close up our heart towards the world and open it only towards the Lord(2011 Poland Camp)

During this year’s Poland camp the Lord showed me that I have the greatest thing in the world – He gave me the best privilege: I’m in the church life, I know His voice, I hear His word, I can enjoy Him, and I can have a close relationship with Him! Many times I wondered: […]

human life at its best is filled with labor; BE SAVED from any human labor by enjoying Christ!

Today we are in the age of the jubilee – the age of grace – which means that we should have no worry or anxiety, no concern or care, no lack or shortage, no sickness or calamity, and no problems whatsoever, but rather we have all benefits! In the jubilee, all things are for our […]

If God in Christ is everything we need, why some Christians are still unhappy or joyless?

This is a very good question. As believers in Christ, we know from the Bible that when we repented and believed in the Lord, Christ became our allotted portion with the saints in the light(Col. 1:12), and God gave Christ to us as the fattened calf(Luke 15) for us to enjoy. We were redeemed, we […]

The goal of the gospel is to love the Lord Jesus!(sharing from the college-age conference)

Hallelujah – The goal of the gospel is to love the Lord Jesus! The College Age Conference in Wales last weekend was my first conference ever. Although I have been a Christian for many years I am very new to the church life and it is by His great mercy that 6 months ago “He brought some […]

today in the church life we have a foretaste of the coming age, we’re being inwardly changed and restored!

This morning we were enjoying the verses in Isaiah 11:6-9 that refer to the condition of the creation at the time of the restoration of life – so peaceful, so normal, yet so different from what we see today: v. 6 And the wolf will dwell with the lamb; And the leopard will lie down […]

though dealt with by Christ on the cross, the flesh is still here with us to force us turn to our spirit!

I really enjoyed this matter – we need to see that the flesh was dealt with by Christ on the cross! When God came in Christ, God put on humanity – the likeness of the flesh of sin. He came “in the likeness of the flesh of sin and concerning sin” and He “condemned sin […]