Being Freed from Everything that Usurps God in us for Christ to Increase in our Being

In order for us as believers in Christ to have the increase of Christ, we need to let Christ grow in us and be freed from anything that usurps the place of God; for Christ to increase in us involves the removal of any idols or things that usurp God and the adding of the element […]

It is Crucial to Deal with our Heart and be Pure in Heart Loving the Lord

The Lord Jesus as life came into our spirit, and He desires to spread into every part of our inward being so that He may make His home in us (Eph. 3:17). The key to allowing the Lord to grow in us is our heart – if we have problems in our heart or if […]

Being Joined to God’s Desire Through His Word by Dealing with Our Whole Being

Daniel was a person who not only read the Scriptures but he joined himself to God’s desire through His word. When Daniel read in Leviticus concerning the fact that God doesn’t want His people to eat anything that is offered to the idols, he immediately rejected to eat the king’s food and would rather eat […]

Christ is the reality of the law to infuse His living substance into His loving seekers!

In our experience whether the law as the living word of God is positive or negative depends on what the condition of our heart is when we receive the Word! If we are loving seekers of God loving Him, humbling ourselves before Him, and regarding the law as His living Word through which we can contact Him and abide in Him – then the law will become a channel through which we receive life and nourishment for our supply! If our heart is humble, open, unloaded, unveiled, and appreciative for the Lord we love, we are infused with God’s substance through the law as God’s word and we even become one with God in life, nature, and expression (Rom. 8:14; Phil. 1:21)! [continue reading a sharing inspired from msg. 8 in the Crystallization-Study of Psalms(2)]

the old creation and the new creation as revealed in the Bible and in the book of Isaiah

The book of Isaiah is like a miniature of the entire Bible: it has 66 chapters(just as the Bible has 66 books), the first 39 chapters talk mainly about the old creation(and they correspond to the Old Testament, which has 39 books), the last 27 chapters talk about the new creation(corresponding to the New Testament […]

make clear the way of Jehovah, make straight in the desert a highway for God!

These weeks we’re getting into the second part of the crystallization-study of Isaiah, especially going through Isaiah chapters 40-66. In this last section of Isaiah we see the kind word of Jehovah being spoken to the heart of Israel, His beloved people, which unveils the prophet’s vision concerning the redeeming and saving Christ as the […]

developing a hidden root-system with the Lord by spending time with Him, dealing with our heart, and not exposing our roots

This morning I was again so exposed by the Lord in His Word, and also encouraged to draw closer to Him and just spend time with Him! The only way we can go on in our Christian life and the way we can become the overcoming ones that bring the Lord back is by spending […]