Learning the Lesson of the Cross Daily to Deal with the Flesh and Live within the Veil

Israel defeating Amalek in Exo. 17, the continual war between Israel and Amalek throughout the Old Testament, and God’s commandment to exterminate Amalek because they had a hand against God – all these show us that today, in our Christian life, God hates the flesh, He wants to exterminate the flesh, and there’s a continual […]

Cooperating with the Lord by Exercising our Spirit to Pray and Put the Flesh to Death

In Exodus 17 Amalek and his people came to fight the people of Israel as they were on their journey to the good land to fulfill God’s purpose. Amalek didn’t just attack the people of Israel but they had a hand against the throne of God. Amalek tried to overthrow God’s throne, just as Satan […]

Seeing how the Flesh is in Rebellion against God and Radically Dealing with the Flesh

As the children of Israel were on their way to the good land to accomplish God’s purpose, Amalek and his people came to fight them right when they were tired and weary (see Exo. 17). Throughout the Old Testament there have been many battles between Israel and Amalek, and God commanded that they would be […]

Seeing that the Flesh is the Leading Enemy Frustrating us from Going on with the Lord

In Exodus 15 we see the song of praise the children of Israel sang after Pharaoh and his armies were swallowed by the Red Sea; in Exodus 17 we see a picture showing the continual war with Amalek. Exodus 17 is after Exodus 15, and the war in Exodus 17 is after the victory in […]

Knowing the Purpose of God’s Calling and Dealing with Satan, the Flesh, and the World

Just as Moses was called by God from the burning thornbush so we as believers in Christ are those called by God in the same principle. As persons called by God we must first see the vision of the thornbush, realizing that we are nothing but sinners saved by grace, those having God as the […]