Christ’s Death and Resurrection Produced and Built up the Church as His Counterpart

Through Christ’s death and resurrection, God produced and built the church as the counterpart of Christ. Adam and Eve are a picture, a type, of Christ and the church; when Adam was created, he was a type of Christ, and his need for a wife shows the need Christ has for the church. In God’s […]

What are the Gates of Hades and how can we use the Keys of the Kingdom to Close them

Matthew 16 is a very enlightening chapter in the Bible in our seeing how the direction of the Lord’s move today is to bring in the kingdom of God; in this chapter we have the way to build up the church and the enemy of the building of God. The matter of the direction of […]

The Budding Rod: We are not Able, but what is Impossible with Man is Possible with God

It is so wonderful to be on a divine and mystical tour of the tabernacle with all its furnishings, especially the ark of the testimony! The ark is not merely something that God ordained to be made and put in the Holy of Holies but it is a type of how we can experience Christ […]

Serving God by Burning in Spirit with the Fire of God’s Life, not with Strange Fire

As believers in Christ, we should live according to the principle of the tree of life, that is, we should depend on the Lord. In God’s eyes the greatest sin is independence; doing things for God or in God’s name yet without God’s living presence is declaring independence from God, and God does not appreciate […]

We’re Human Seeds in the Process of being Sonized, Deified, Designated Sons of God

In 2 Sam. 7 God promised David that his seed will be the Son of God and He will build God a house, in Rom. 1:3-4 that Christ as the seed of David according to the flesh was designated the Son of God in power in His resurrection, and in Rom. 8:28-29 the many believers […]

The Result of the Flowing and Growing Life is an Army Fighting for God’s Purpose

In our crystallization-study of the book of Exodus this week we have been getting into the deeper significance of the people of Israel at Marah and Elim. After crossing the Red Sea and seeing Pharaoh and his armies buried in the sea, the people of Israel traveled through the wilderness for three days without finding […]

Moses: Rejecting the Natural Strength and Ability to be Useful to God in Resurrection

In Exodus we see a complete view of God’s calling of Moses as the standard model of God’s servant. Moses was faithful to God in all His house. In his age God wanted to do something, and Moses was the one called, prepared, and trained by God to do His work. In every age God desires […]