The Church is Christly (the Self is Denied) and Resurrectionly (we Overcome Death)

If we really see a vision of the nature of the church and realize that the church is divine, Christly, resurrectionly, and heavenly, then the natural, fleshly, and ambitious elements will be ruled out and terminated, and we will be empowered to face any kind of death. It is easy to look at the church […]

We are Witnesses of the Resurrected Christ in our Word, our Life, and our Action

The apostles were witnesses of the resurrected Christ – they witnessed not only in word but also by their life and action, especially bearing witness of His resurrection; we as witnesses of Christ need to testify of His resurrection in our speaking and our life and action. Many believers think that the way the kingdom […]

our Christ is the living One and He has the keys of death and of Hades!

The Lord Jesus is the Living One – He became dead, but now He is living! He actually lives forever and ever, and He holds the keys of death and of Hades (see Rev. 1:18). Death could not hold Him – He was vomited out by death, and Hades could not retain Him! After accomplishing […]