God’s Work needs Man’s Cooperation, not his Initiation, Opinions, and Suggestions

According to what the Bible tells us concerning our service to God, God’s work needs man’s cooperation, but it doesn’t require man’s initiation; God wants us to serve Him and love Him, but He doesn’t need us to initiate things in God’s work. Both in the Old and in the New Testament we see many […]

Seeing the Expressions of the Self to Deny the Self for the Building of the Church

The Lord Jesus said that, if we want to follow Him, we should deny the self; today we want to see what are some expressions of the self and how we can exercise the key of denying the self to lock up the self in every situation. What is the self, and why do we […]

What are the Gates of Hades and how can we use the Keys of the Kingdom to Close them

Matthew 16 is a very enlightening chapter in the Bible in our seeing how the direction of the Lord’s move today is to bring in the kingdom of God; in this chapter we have the way to build up the church and the enemy of the building of God. The matter of the direction of […]

Being and Praying for the Overcomers who are One with God to Cooperate with His Move

God can do much more through our prayer than through our work and words; we need to be the overcomers of today who serve God by praying according to His heart and will. In this universe there’s the divine will, the satanic will, and the human will; our will is not “free” – we need to willingly […]

Judging Ourselves as Nothing: we are what we are by the Grace of God for God’s Building

In our review and enjoyment of the intrinsic significance of the materials of the temple we have seen that both in the tabernacle and in the temple gold overlays wood, that is, God is mingled with man. The building of God, God’s temple, is a matter of God being mingled with man; God’s building is […]

Christ’s Humanity is Strong in Character and High in Standard for Expressing God

In our crystallization-study of Exodus we don’t merely want to see what the types in this book represent but how can we apply them to our Christian life and experience. As we delve into the deeper study and appreciation of the tabernacle with all its furnishings, we need to realize that the tabernacle is a […]

We Need to Deny the Self and Take Christ as our Person for the Church Life Today

Why do we need to “deny the self”, lose our soul-life, and take up our cross to follow the Lord? Many believers and unbelievers alike may not like to hear these words of the Lord, but they are part of the secret of the Christian life. It is crucial for a believer to deny the […]