Denying the Self and Walking by the Spirit to Coordinate with Others in the Body

This week we have been prayerfully considering the coordination among the four living creatures in Ezek. 1; in a practical way, for us to coordinate with others we need to deny our self, live and act by God’s grace, walk by the Spirit and according to the spirit, and be one with the coordinating Triune […]

Learning to Exercise the Key of Denying the Self, who is the Embodiment of Satan

The building up of the church depends on the shutting of the gates of Hades through the exercise of the three keys, the first of which is denying the self; the self is nothing else but the embodiment of Satan – the self is one with Satan and is expressed through our opinionated mind. Matthew […]

Living a Self-Denying Life under the Heavenly Vision to Bring in God’s Kingdom

In the beginning of Genesis we see that God created man in His image and according to His likeness, and He intended that man would express Him and represent Him (Gen. 1:26-28). Then, at the end of Genesis, we see Jacob who expressed God in His image and, through Joseph, represented God with His dominion […]

Living under the Rulership of the Spirit within and Recognizing God’s Sovereignty

In Joseph we see a person who accepted everything from God’s hand, one who did not blame or accuse others but lived a life under the rulership of the Spirit. He had feelings and emotions, but he kept them in check, and he didn’t express his excitement or his sorrow. The rulership of the Spirit is […]

Our Self is the Greatest Enemy of the Body: We Need to Deny it and Live by God’s Life

As believers in Christ we are not meant to live in an individualistic way – we are members of the Body of Christ. However, do we have the realization that we are members of the Body? Do we live in the Body of Christ? Do we depend on the Lord as the Head and on […]

Prayer is the Real Denying of the Self, the Real: No Longer I But Christ!

God needs men of prayer, men who habitually and continually pray by exercising their spirit to pray themselves into God and receive His life supply. Prayer is so full of meaning, it accomplishes so much, and it is so much overlooked and neglected! To pray really means that we as Christians realize that by ourselves, […]

The Lord Jesus Worked in the Father’s Name and He Sought the Father’s Will

The Lord Jesus as the first God-man is our pattern and our model, becoming a mold in which we as the many God-men are being put to be conformed to His image. In His being, Christ was a man filled with God, a mingling of divinity with humanity. In His work, Christ didn’t do anything […]