Denying the Self by being Dependent on God and on the Body of Christ in Experience

Because the self is the soul declaring independence from God, the self is the greatest problem and frustration to the building up of the Body; we need to be those are dependent on God and on the Body, rejecting ourselves and denying the self for the building up of the church. The origin of the self […]

The Self is the Enemy of the Body and the Greatest Hindrance to Building up the Body

We need the Lord’s mercy in order to see the vision of the self so that we may deny it, abhor it, and repudiate it, identifying ourselves with Christ and with the Body of Christ and rejecting our self. Toward God, the self is independent. Toward ourselves, the self is our soul life being expressed, […]

The Testimony of Jesus is the Bride of Christ, the Weaker Ones who Depend on the Lord

The church as the testimony of Jesus has many aspects and is composed of many kinds of people. In the book of Revelation we see at least eight aspects of the testimony of Jesus. As the golden lampstands, the church as the testimony of Jesus is divine in nature, shines in darkness, and is identical […]

Our Self is the Greatest Enemy of the Body: We Need to Deny it and Live by God’s Life

As believers in Christ we are not meant to live in an individualistic way – we are members of the Body of Christ. However, do we have the realization that we are members of the Body? Do we live in the Body of Christ? Do we depend on the Lord as the Head and on […]

Prayer is the Real Denying of the Self, the Real: No Longer I But Christ!

God needs men of prayer, men who habitually and continually pray by exercising their spirit to pray themselves into God and receive His life supply. Prayer is so full of meaning, it accomplishes so much, and it is so much overlooked and neglected! To pray really means that we as Christians realize that by ourselves, […]

God’s demand, Pharaoh’s resistance, and seeing what life in the world really is(2011 Poland camp)

In the Young People’s Poland camp 2011, I enjoyed message 3 – God’s demand, Pharaoh’s resistance, and Life in the World under Satan’s Usurpation. This message covers 12 conflicts between Jehovah and Pharaoh and the 10 plagues that were sent by God. God sent the plagues because of His mercy. God wanted His children to see […]

we need to be dependent on the Lord, leaning on Him and consulting Him(2011 Poland camp)

“In Christ we and God, God and we, are built together, meet together, and dwell together. This is the central though of the book of Exodus.” (from the life-study of Exodus). In the young people’s Poland camp this year the messages were on Exodus and the four crucial aspects: salvation, provision, revelation, and building. The […]