We need the Humanity of Jesus for the Spiritual Warfare and for the Kingdom of God

What we need today is not more divine power or authority – we need the humanity of Jesus for the Lord’s recovery, for the spiritual warfare, and for the kingdom of God. As we partake of Christ as the meal offering, we may possess the humanity of Jesus for the Lord’s recovery, for the spiritual […]

Eating the Lord’s Humanity for our Life to be a Duplication of Christ’s God-man Living

The meal offering typifies first Christ in His God-man living, and it also typifies our Christian life as a duplication of Christ’s God-man living, for when we eat the human life and living of Jesus, His human living becomes ours. We praise the Lord for coming to be the reality of all the offerings, and […]

For God’s Building we need the Humanity of Jesus, His Human Life in Resurrection

The Lord Jesus is not only the Son of God but also the Son of Man, and as the Son of Man He is the unique material for God’s building; we need the humanity of Jesus for God’s building. God’s desire and intention is to obtain a building, which is the corporate expression of Himself […]

We need to Experience and Enjoy Christ with His Humanity for the Building of God

If you read Ezekiel 40-48 and have the Lord’s divine light shining in your reading, you will realize that we have to experience and enjoy Christ for the Body in a detailed and specific way, as shown in all the features and details of the holy building of God. From the wall to all the […]

Being Brought to the Throne by Experiencing the Humanity of Jesus with its Virtues

God’s desire is not only to save us from eternal perdition but to bring us to the throne; for us to be brought to the throne, we need to experience the humanity of Jesus with its virtues, and we need to reign in life. God’s goal is to bring us to the throne; His desire […]

Having the Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge of the Spirit to Build up the Church

As believers in Christ we are both the materials for God’s building and those who cooperate with the Lord to be co-builders with Him doing the noble work of building up the church with God Himself as our wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and skill. We see this in picture in Exodus, where God gave Moses the […]

Lighting the Lamps involves every Aspect of our Experience in the Christian Life

As believers in Christ we need to daily come to the Lord in our Christian life and be shined on by Him, and we need to walk in His light. However, there’s a great danger that we would “make our own light” and walk in our own light, which leads to pain and darkness. I […]