Treasuring Christ and Serving, Testifying, and Loving the Lord in the Church Life

In the church life we all have three main functions: serving, testifying, and loving; we serve the Lord, we testify of His resurrection life which we experience, and we love Him and pour out everything on Him. This is our experience and our testimony in the church life, and this is what we also see […]

Having a Proper Concept of Value and Treasuring Christ above All Persons and Things

As believers in Christ we need to have a change in our concept of value to treasure Christ above all, for He is the preciousness to us. The reason we love the Lord and we love the church life so much that we are willing to offer everything we have and are for the Lord […]

Loving the Lord to the Uttermost in the Church Life and Wasting Ourselves upon Him

In the church life we have many functions, such as serving the Lord practically with many outward things, testifying of His resurrection life with its power, and loving the Lord to the uttermost and pouring what we have most precious upon Him. In John 12 we see a picture of the genuine church life, for […]

Church Life is a Life of Feasting: we Serve the Lord and Testify of Resurrection Life

Outwardly the church may seem poor and afflicted, but inwardly the church life is a life of feasting in and with the presence of the Lord, full of saints who serve the Lord, testify of His resurrection life, and love Him. The story in John 12 is a type of the church life, for the […]

The Issue of Life is the Church Life as a House of Feasting in Christ’s Resurrection

The issue of life is the church life as a house of feasting; the issue of our experience of Christ as life who meets all our needs is that we become the church life, we open our home for Him and the saints, and we feast together with the Lord. In John 12, after we […]

Life Meets the Need of Every Man’s Case to Build the House of God (Gospel of John)

The gospel of John is a book on life and building; God comes to is in Christ to be our life, and this life is for God’s building – for Christ as life meets the need of every man’s case to build up the house of God. This week in our deeper study of what […]

The Church will Match Christ as Bone of His Bones for their Eternal Married Life

Only those who are regenerated by Christ and who live by Christ as the church can match Christ and complement Him; when Christ sees this, He will surely say that this time this is bone of His bones and flesh of His flesh. Adam and Eve are a rich type of Christ and the church; […]