God’s Building is the Test of our Spirituality; Real Spirituality is for the Body

The building up of the church is the aim of God’s eternal purpose and plan; today God is doing only one thing: He is working to get a building, the church, as the mingling of God with man and the building up of the regenerated and transformed believers in Christ. When we see a vision […]

Jacob’s Prophesying with Blessing Concerning Issachar potrays the Church Life Today

Jacob’s prophesying with blessing concerning each of his sons is very significant, being fulfilled both in their life as tribes in Israel and in our spiritual experience today in the church as the real Israel of God. When he spoke of Judah, Jacob likened him to a lion who is victorious, gets the prey and […]

the Body is the governing law of the life and work of the children of God today

Starting from our regeneration and until the Lord returns to rapture us or until we go to be with the Lord, the governing law of our life and work is the Body of Christ. Everything we are, everything we do, everything we say, should be for the Body, for the building up of the Body. […]