Being Recovered to the Unique Ground of Oneness and the Enjoyment of Christ’s Riches

The history of Israel in the Old Testament is a full type of the history of the church, and the recovery of a remnant of the children of Israel from Babylon to Jerusalem for the rebuilding of the temple and the city signifies the Lord’s recovery of a remnant of the church out of today’s […]

Building up the Church through the Inner Experience of the Indwelling Christ

How can we build up the church? As believers in Christ and members of the Body of Christ it is our deepest yearning to contribute to building up the church as the Body of Christ so that our Lord Jesus would return soon for His Bride. But how do we build up the church? The […]

for us to have a vision, we need revelation, light, and sight! Also, an open spirit! (university training)

Oh Lord Jesus! I enjoyed the whole University Training! But one of my top enjoyments throughout the week was the message given on “The Vision and The Ministry of The Age”. I really enjoyed that in every age there is a vision of that age and we need to serve God according to the vision […]