Being Ushered into the Realm of God to Seek God, Enjoy God, Gain God, and Express God

According to the entire revelation in the Bible, God created man in His image and according to His likeness so that man would receive God as life, enjoy God as his everything, and live by the divine life so that he may become God’s corporate expression. However, many times we think that God wants us […]

What kind of lover are you? What do you love? “Lord, make us lovers of God, rich towards You!”

In message 11 of the Crystallization-Study of Isaiah, entitled, The Example of Hezekiah’s Person and Failure, we see a person who sought God and did many good things for God – a godly man, but not a God-man. Hezekiah was a good man, but he sought God eventually for his own interest. O, Lord Jesus…. […]

Enjoying God and living for His purpose; stop trying to do, and enjoy the God of Joy!

Recently, I have been pondering over “Enjoying God and Living for His Purpose” – you know, we need to see the connection between enjoyment of God and purpose of God! First of all – Our God is a God of purpose! The universe was created for God’s will, which is His purpose(Rev 4:11). We may feel […]