Come to the Lord in the Morning to make God Happy and Experience Mutual Happiness!

Why do we need to be revived every morning? We need to see that God has a desire in His heart, which is according to His good pleasure. No one loves being sad. Everybody desires happiness. God Himself has the greatest need for happiness. The question we should ask ourselves is: What makes God happy? […]

High Peak of the Divine Revelation: God became Man to make Man God to build His Body

We are so grateful that the Lord has shown us the high peak of the divine revelation, which is that God became man so that man may become God in life and nature but not in the Godhead to produce and build up the organic Body of Christ for the fulfillment of God’s economy to […]

Reigning in Life by Receiving the Abundance of Grace to Receive the Crown of Life

The Lord’s promise to the overcomers in the suffering church in Smyrna is that He would give them the crown of life (Rev. 2:10). In the Lord’s speaking to the church in Smyrna, a church under persecution, in suffering, and facing death, we can see the glorious victory of the crucified and resurrected Christ over […]

The Triune God is Dispensing Himself into His People to gain His Corporate Expression

When the glory of God filled the tabernacle and the cloud descended upon the tent of meeting in Exo. 40, God has finally obtained a dwelling place on earth among His people for His corporate expression; the Triune God is dispensing Himself into His people to make them His corporate expression, His house, His dwelling […]

The Spirit Anoints us for God’s Building and as the Cloud He Leads and Guides us

After the tabernacle was erected in the wilderness, Moses anointed every piece of furnishing and all the priests for service with the holy anointing oil, as per God’s instructions; in the church as the house of God we have the Spirit anointing us as the anointing oil, and He is leading and guiding us just […]

Seeing that Life and Building are the Basic and Central Revelation of the Bible

The entire Bible speaks of life and building, and when we look at the priesthood in the book of Exodus we realize that it is inseparable from the building of God. As one of the hymns says, holy priests are living stones (see Hymns #849). The building in the type of the tabernacle and the […]

To Serve God is to Hold a Feast to God and Sacrifice to Him by Enjoying Christ

God delivered His people Israel from the tyranny of Pharaoh and the usurpation of Egypt so that they might serve Him; God delivered us from the usurpation in the world so that we may serve Him, that is, that we may hold a feast to God and offer sacrifices to Him. It wasn’t merely because God […]