What does it mean in our Experience for us to be Measured by God’s Building?

Our main concern as believers in Christ and members of the Body of Christ should be not with behaving ourselves or becoming spiritual but with being measured by God’s building and fitting into God’s house. If what we are and do can’t match God’s building, it amounts to nothing in the sight of God. As […]

5 Main Ways to Enjoy the Humanity of Jesus in our Christian Life and Church Life

As believers in Christ, our emphasis in our Christian life and service is not on outward things such as eating, drinking, behavior, or anything of this kind; our emphasis is on Christ, our mingled spirit, the church life, and the Body of Christ. If we pay attention to the intrinsic things such as enjoying the […]

some enjoyment from “The Humanity of Jesus(2)” podcast on ageturners.com

Did you listen to this past podcast, no #15 (it’s not the last one, but a previous one) about “The Humanity of Jesus (2)” – When people contact us, they should touch a “blue cord” sewn into the fringe of our “garment”; that is, they should touch a living that is under the heavenly rule. For […]