In our Spiritual Experience Mount Moriah Becomes Mount Zion, the Reality of the Body

The God of Abraham is our God, and Abraham’s experience of God needs to become our experience of God also. One of the deepest and highest experiences Abraham had of God was at Mount Moriah, where God instructed him to go and bring his son, Isaac, as a burnt offering to Him. God tested Abraham […]

Being Heirs of Grace, Obeying God in Grace, and Enjoying Grace to be Rich Toward God

Isaac was born through grace, grew up in grace, became the heir of grace, obeyed in grace, and had grace multiplied to him. As believers in Christ, we were born through grace (not by works), we need to grow in grace, we are heirs of grace, we obey in grace, and we have grace multiplied […]

Enjoying Grace to Grow in Grace through the Blood, the Word, the Spirit, and the Church

As believers in Christ, we were born again by the grace of God, and now we need to grow in grace by enjoying all that Christ is to us as our spiritual food and living water. We are like Isaac: he was born through grace and he was also grown up in grace (Gen. 21:8). […]

The Testimony of Jesus is the Bridal Army (Rev. 19) and the New Jerusalem (Rev. 21)

This week we have been tracing the eight main aspects of the church as the testimony of Jesus through the book of Revelation. We have seen that the testimony of Jesus is the golden lampstands, the great multitude, the universal bright woman with the man-child, the firstfruits and the harvest, the overcomers on the glassy […]

Overcoming the Worldliness in the Degraded Church by Eating Christ as the Hidden Manna

Only the Lord sees and knows our real situation and our true condition. Christ as the High Priest is constantly walking (not running, but walking) among the local churches, He sees their situation, and He speaks a specific word to each of the churches. Through His speaking to the churches, the Lord trims away anything […]

Seeing the Patterns of the People on the Line of the Tree of Life in the Bible

Due to Adam’s fall, God closed the way to the tree of life, and apparently throughout the ages people couldn’t eat of it….but actually, if you read the Bible carefully you will notice that there have been many who were on the line of life and were enjoying the tree of life in their daily […]

qualifications of a genuine church: the church of God enjoying grace upon grace!

One particular aspect I was encouraged with is that a genuine church accepts and welcomes everyone who calls on the name of the Lord – who is THEIRS and OURS! Jesus Christ belongs to and is in all the believers, and He is our all-inclusive portion – we are those who call on the name of the Lord in every place! Oh, Lord Jesus! We flee youthful lusts and pursue with those who call on the name of the Lord out of a pure heart (2 Tim. 2:22). Wherever we are – at home, at work, cooking in the kitchen, walking on the street, shopping, driving, traveling, resting, working, playing sports, jogging, etc – we CALL on the name of the Lord, who is OURS! [continue reading online]