Being Further Reconciled to God by the Application of the Cross to our Natural Life

This week I am really impressed how much God desires to reconcile us with Himself; He became a man and died for us – the Righteous for the unrighteous, so that we may be fully reconciled to God. Christ died for our sins, putting all our sins on Himself, so that by believing into Him […]

The Spiritual Application of the Veil and the Screen in the Tabernacle in Exo. 26

This week in our time in the morning with the Lord we enjoy the topic of the Veil, the Screen, and the Two Aspects of Reconciliation, based on the portion in Exodus 26 speaking of the two entrances into the tabernacle and their spiritual application. All the items and furnishings in the tabernacle in the […]

Taking Refuge at the Altar of Burnt Offering and Finding Home at the Incense Altar

In looking of the matter of the three aspects of the tabernacle in the Scriptures we cannot overlook Psa. 84, where we see the psalmist’s desire and love for the tabernacles of God; he even likens himself as a sparrow and a swallow finding refuge and making their nest at the two altars – the […]

Learning the Lesson of the Cross Daily to Deal with the Flesh and Live within the Veil

Israel defeating Amalek in Exo. 17, the continual war between Israel and Amalek throughout the Old Testament, and God’s commandment to exterminate Amalek because they had a hand against God – all these show us that today, in our Christian life, God hates the flesh, He wants to exterminate the flesh, and there’s a continual […]

Christ opened a new and living way into God and He is the Author & Perfecter of our faith!

The Epistle to the Hebrews is so rich – there are so many aspects of the all-inclusive Christ revealed in this book! He is the One sent by God coming to “do God’s will” (Heb. 10:9) – He came to put away the animal sacrifices of the old covenant and to establish Himself, in His […]