The Church is Heavenly: the Nature of the Church is to Submit to God’s Authority

The nature of the church is heavenly, and the main significance of this is that the church is under Christ’s authority, submitting to no other person but Christ and His authority alone. It is vitally necessary for us as believers in Christ to know the nature of the church. According to the New Testament, the […]

Seeing a Vision of the Throne of God for His Administration throughout the Universe

As believers in Christ, we are living creatures who are learning to maintain a clear sky between us and the Lord, and above this clear sky there’s a throne – we need to see a vision of the throne of God for the divine administration throughout the universe. As we are learning to coordinate with […]

Seeing the Divine Stream, the Unique Flow of Life, in the Whole Bible

In the Scriptures we see the concept of the divine stream, the flow of life, from Genesis all the way to Revelation. Everything that God does is in this living stream, which appears in the garden of Eden and also in Revelation in the New Jerusalem. In the book of Acts we also see that […]

whenever we as God’s people exalt Christ there will be restoration and revival!

After we are saved, we daily call on the name of the Lord and we daily learn to give Him the first place in all things. We as regenerated people need to come together in the meetings of the church and exalt Christ by our singing, our praising, our praying, and even our shouting, Praise the Lord! We shouldn’t be silent – we need to exalt Christ by declaring, Oh, Lord Jesus, You are right now at the right hand of God – we exalt You! We give You the preeminence in our church life, our family life, our work life, our personal life, and in everything! We exalt You Lord Jesus! [continue reading online]

God desires that Christ might have the first place, the preeminence, in all things

In God’s eyes, Christ is the Beloved Son – He treasures Christ, gives everything to Christ, and Christ is His Favourite! Even more, according to Col. 1:15, Christ is the firstborn of all creation – He is the first in the old creation. In Col. 1:18 it says, And He is the Head of the […]

loving the Lord with our first love = giving Him the first place in all things

Continuing the thought from the previous post (“why this waste“), what does it mean to love the Lord? In Mark 12:30 it says “you shall love the Lord your God from your whole heart and from your whole soul and from your whole mind and from your whole strength”. Also, in Matt. 26 – where […]