God’s Intention is to Work on Man to Bring man to the Throne and Deal with Satan

The Lord Jesus is the man-God on the throne, and God’s intention is to work on man to bring man to the throne – God wants man to deal with Satan and subdue him, bring in God’s kingdom, and represent God with His authority. In order for us to be brought to the throne we need […]

We need to Represent God and Function as the Acting God to Shepherd According to God

As believers in Christ and members of the Body of Christ we are commissioned by the Lord to shepherd His sheep, the saints in the church, according to God (1 Pet. 5:2). To shepherd according to God requires that we are one with God, we are filled with God, we are reconstituted with God, we […]

Being One with our Ascended Head to Exercise His Authority as the Body of Christ

What Christ as a Man has accomplished and attained in His ascension is tremendous and amazing: He was inaugurated, exalted, and enthroned by God to be Lord of all, King of kings, and Head over all things in the universe to administrate the whole universe for God and accomplish God’s New Testament economy. As believers […]

Reigning in Life by Submitting to God’s Authority and by Being Ruled by His Life

God’s desire is to make Himself the same as man is so that man may become the same as God is in life, nature, expression, and function, but not in the Godhead. This means that God wants man to rule with Him and through Him over all things. We need to see that our position […]

seeing our responsibility as the church and rising up to pray fighting prayers!

In the entire Scriptures we see that God’s ultimate goal and His purpose is to build a temple a dwelling place, which is mutual abode for Himself and His elect. This is what is on His heart, and this is what He desires. In order for Him to build up such a dwelling place, God […]

we need to learn to pray the prayer of authority, telling the mountain to move!

This morning I enjoyed the portion in Mark 11:22-24, which says: 22 And Jesus answered and said to them, Have faith in God. 23 Truly I say to you that whoever says to this mountain, Be taken up and cast into the sea, and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he […]