When we Prophesy, God Sends the Wind, the Breath, and the Spirit; Make a Joyful Noise!

Prophesying is the function of the overcomers, and when we prophesy, we build up the church, and God is blowing upon any dry bones, sending the wind, the breath, and the Spirit, to revive, resuscitate, and enliven man, to form them into His people and army. Our God is almighty, powerful, and all-inclusive, yet when […]

Learning to Exercise the Key of Denying the Self, who is the Embodiment of Satan

The building up of the church depends on the shutting of the gates of Hades through the exercise of the three keys, the first of which is denying the self; the self is nothing else but the embodiment of Satan – the self is one with Satan and is expressed through our opinionated mind. Matthew […]

Being Priests Expressing Christ in our Living to Light the Lamps in the Meetings

As believers in Christ, we are priests of God and members of the Body of Christ, and we meet with other believers in the church; our responsibility and privilege as we meet is that we light the lamps, that is, cause the divine light to ascend. Our God is light, and we as believers in […]

Learning the Lesson of the Cross Daily to Deal with the Flesh and Live within the Veil

Israel defeating Amalek in Exo. 17, the continual war between Israel and Amalek throughout the Old Testament, and God’s commandment to exterminate Amalek because they had a hand against God – all these show us that today, in our Christian life, God hates the flesh, He wants to exterminate the flesh, and there’s a continual […]