We need to Respond to Christ’s Intercession by Exercising our Spirit to Intercede

Christ in the heavens as our High Priest intercedes for us before God, the Spirit in our spirit joins us in our weakness to intercede for us according to God, and we need to respond to Christ’s intercession by exercising our spirit to enter into His interceding life. On the one hand, the ascended Christ […]

Exercising our Spirit to Learn, Experience, and Minister the Full Gospel of God

As believers in Christ, we need to have the same realisation as the Apostle Paul: we were separated unto the gospel of God, and now we are priests of the gospel. The gospel of God is an all-inclusive, complete, full, and high gospel including the entire divine revelation in the New Testament, and when we […]

Receiving and Enjoying Christ as the Covenant by Exercising our Mingled Spirit

Our God is a covenanting God; He wants to enter into a covenant with man, and through this covenant His heart’s desire is revealed to man. There’s no obligation from God’s side to enter into a covenant with us, but for our sake He wants to assure us and cause us to be at peace; […]

Cooperating with the Lord by Exercising our Spirit to Pray and Put the Flesh to Death

In Exodus 17 Amalek and his people came to fight the people of Israel as they were on their journey to the good land to fulfill God’s purpose. Amalek didn’t just attack the people of Israel but they had a hand against the throne of God. Amalek tried to overthrow God’s throne, just as Satan […]

Exercising our Spirit to Enjoy and Experience the Christ Revealed in Zech. 2

In the first part of Zechariah we see many visions of Christ which bring in consolation to the people of God. In the second part of the book there are many aspects of Christ being revealed, which bring in encouragement to the people of God for the rebuilding of the temple. We need to exercise […]

everything is clear when we exercise our spirit and we come to the church meetings

In the Holy Place in the tabernacle there was no natural light – there was only the light of the lampstand, the light of the Holy Place. In the natural light (the light of the sun and the moon) we can see the natural and outward things, but in the light of the Holy Place we can see God’s economy and His administration. In God’s presence, in His shining, in His light, we don’t need any natural light or man-made light. In the church life we do not need any natural light – in the church life as the Holy Place in the tabernacle we have the lampstand shining with God as the light! [continue reading online]