Praying and Fighting for the Coming of the Kingdom of God to Earth Today

In the spiritual realm there’s a warfare going on ever since Satan rebelled against God. Today God is looking for men on earth who stand one with Him and pray to cooperate with Him and defeat His enemy. Our prayer is a battle – the goal of our prayer is to bring in the kingdom […]

Being the Overcomers who Fight the Spiritual Warfare to Hasten the Lord’s Coming

Our Christian life and church life today toward the end of this age is in the middle of a spiritual warfare. We need to be watchful and on the alert to know what the enemy is doing and what’s he up to, and bind him, limit his activities, and inflict loss on his kingdom. The […]

Praying at the Incense Altar for the Formation of an Army to Fight for God’s Move

God has a purpose and a move on earth, and for Him to accomplish His purpose He needs His people to pray one with Him. In the Old Testament God moved with the tabernacle in the midst of His people, and the purpose of our journey into God to enjoy all that He has is […]

seeing our responsibility as the church and rising up to pray fighting prayers!

In the entire Scriptures we see that God’s ultimate goal and His purpose is to build a temple a dwelling place, which is mutual abode for Himself and His elect. This is what is on His heart, and this is what He desires. In order for Him to build up such a dwelling place, God […]